Of Flowers and Friends (1,000th Day Posting!)

14,047 Days Alive

1,000 Days Straight on PostmarkWonderland

>2 Till My 36th Birthday

3 Friends Came Over

1 Unexpected Outing

It’s my thousandth day posting!! And boy did I do a lot today.

My friends from high school, Megan and Usagi, surprised me by bringing along another old friend from that teenage era, Ryan! We met up at my place. They brought me a lovely orchid I’m going to try desperately not to kill.

Flowers seem to be the theme of the day, however accidentally. We went to Koizi Sushi for lunch and then drove over to Brandon for my favorite bakery: Moreno’s.

Image is of a black and white cookie and a large vanilla cupcake with white buttercream, a chocolate drizzle, and a chocolate dipped cannoi on top.

After it poured on us, we went to Michael’s Arts and Crafts to kill time before going to see a movie (masked up in public of course)! We ended up seeing A Quiet Place: Part II. It was very good, but no spoilers here!

While we were at Michael’s, we goofed around in the floral department and took some pretty good pictures.

Image is of four friends standing before a flower-covered wall.

From left to right: Ryan, myself, Megan, and Usagi. I also took a few pictures of myself.

Image is of a female presenting person in red surrounded by fake flowers, including a laurel of bright green over their head.

Anyway, I’ve got to throw laundry in the dryer so I can actually take a shower and all that.

I’ll be spending the day with Reffie tomorrow! I’ve no clue what we’re doing other than I have to be there by 8:30a.m. Which means leaving at 7:45 because I am down to less than a hundred miles left in the tank.

I can’t believe I’ve done a thousand days in a row here on PostmarkWonderland. I thought I would have lost interest or something by now. But it’s become one of my habits to blog every day, usually at night.

It helps me wind down and process the day. It helps me level out before I go to bed. And it helps me express how I am struggling or the successes I’ve had. Every win, however small, is still a victory.

I’m still here.

I hope everyone has an amazing Sunday. And take your meds, folks!

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