Of Forgetfulness and Fun

14,046 Days Alive

999 Days Straight on PostmarkWonderland

Gods bless my roommate Fen for coming to my rescue today. I forgot both my morning meds and to grab lunch. They saved me on both counts.

I got a goodly amount of work done today. I am looking forward to next week because with overtime approved, I should be able to catch up even more! Maybe not Monday, but other days for sure!

Monday is my 36th birthday! And this weekend is all about the celebration of it. I’m going to lunch with friends from high school at Koizi tomorrow morning. And then Sunday I haven’t a Blue’s Clue what I’m doing other than I’m doing something with Reffie!

Next week, I have a platonic date this coming Wednesday with my friend Rayne. They’re kind of like a Labrador puppy made human, but that’s all right. I’ll be introducing them to Mel’s Hot Dogs!

I’m out of spoons. I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks!

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