Of Video Games and Vexation

13,191 Days Alive

118 Points in Lords of Waterdeep

2nd Place in the Same ^

I’m not long for wakefulness, but let me tell you: today was a trip. Work went well enough, save for the excruciating pain my ovaries seem bound and determined to produce while my uterus holds its rebellion.

I’ve got another witness list and medical composite to do, so I hope to have it done by lunch tomorrow. And poor Izzy was out today due to not feeling well; but Nancy was back, so that’s good.

After work, I played an online game, the aforementioned Lords of Waterdeep with J and Bill6. I’ll be having J and Gwen over this weekend for a tiny tea party! I plan to make a cucumber dill salad and sandwich rolls.

I’m also anxiously awaiting Friday as it is payday and I’ll be able to go grocery shopping proper. We have food, and plenty of it, but I don’t have things for lunch and it’s bothersome.

Anyway, my anemic ass is exhausted and still stuck on the spell I need to write for chapter three of my fanfic, Crows at the Crossroads. I’ll figure it out, eventually. I hope to be able to post by next weekend.

I’m for bed. Take your meds, folks!

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