Of Writing and Waiting

13,192 Days Alive

709 Day Streak on Duolingo

Content warning: discussion of the continuing adventures of the malfunctioning meatbag, specifically my uterus/ovaries and the monthly hell that is being a person with said organs under the “read more”

Holy giraffe-fucking, seventh layer of hell! I nearly threw up at work today from ovary/uterine pain. Stupid Percy the endometrial polyp. If only I had six grand to get him removed. Or the whole kit and bloody (ha, ha!) caboodle.

I’m on day six of this bleeding bullshit and I hate it. I’m craving ice chips, milk chocolate, and red meat, which means I have to eat a substantial breakfast to be able to take the iron supplements I’ve been on for an age. I don’t always take them. Because sometimes I don’t eat enough to avoid the vicious nausea that often accompanies it.

But yeah. I’m glad I brought extra pads. I wish I could do the cup thing, but my penetration trigger being what it is, I sincerely doubt I’ll be able to.

Anyway! Moving away from unfortunate bodily functions. I’m writing again. I got past the block on Chapter three of Crows at the Crossroads and am working on the second draft of it. It’s not perfect, but it reads well. I’ll be setting it loose to my beta readers here shortly. Hopefully to post by Sunday evening.

I’ve really liked being able to stay awake on my lunch break these last two days. It seems the ten milligrams of Adderall with a single cup of coffee, heavy on the cream and with a touch of cinnamon, is doing well for me. I’m trying not to overdo it on the caffeine so I can sleep at night… and not murder my poor heart.

Anyway, I’m going to try to get some more writing done before bed in twenty-two minutes.

Take your meds, folks!

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