Of Cupboards and Chalupas

13,222 Days Alive

1 Soft Taco Eaten

So we’re going grocery shopping tomorrow for the first time in like… three to five weeks. We cleaned out the fridge, the pantry, everything!

We had a lot of out of date stuff in our cupboards.

Hopefully, Fen and I can get back into making more meals at homes and not just having cereal or drive thru dinners. Nothing wrong with it, once in a while, but a body needs and loves leafy greens and various veggies!

We had tacos for dinner tonight. Neither of us felt like dealing with the football traffic again once I got home. Which took me a literal hour to do! Four times my regular commute just because of some damned sports ball match. Come at me when it’s proper futbol/soccer! Though I do enjoy American football, it’s mostly at the Super Bowl or that game they have on Thanksgiving.

Craft-wise, I am still working on Papa Tom’s Buffalo Plaid Blanket. I’m about thirteen rows from starting the border, so I hope to finish it this weekend. It doesn’t need to ship off till November, but I may send it early with instructions to wait to open it. I want to see their faces when they see their blankets. I hope they bring them as much joy as I had making them.

Mentally… eh. I’ve had a headache all day, probably tension? So after we cleaned out the fridge, pantry, and cupboard, I dragged myself through the shower.

Now I’m going to go meditate to see if I can get the brain gremlins to shut the actual hell up.

So. Have a pleasant evening, y’all.

And take your meds, folks.

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