Of Time and Tea

13,225 Days Alive

741 Days Straight on Duolingo

I met up with my ex-boyfriend/friend Jason for breakfast today. He was in town from Austin, Texas. I took him to Brunchies, where Linna and I went that one time.

I got a potato skillet with jalapeños and melty cheese, he got a spicy omelette. It was nice catching up with him. It was too early to drag him to Barnes and Noble, as I need a book on knitting left-handed, so we parted ways after breaking bread.

I had a brief lesson in knitting while visiting Kaleisia’s Tea House today. Did you know that some people call the act of un-knitting or frogging a project “tinking”? It’s literally knit backwards. I thought that was hilarious.

The new friend I am talking with, Katas, he’s the one who showed me how to knit properly so I wasn’t twisting my stitches or “knitting in the back loop”, as I have apparently been doing. Katas has some interpersonal drama with Fen, so I have to be careful to respect both of their boundaries with respect to each other. It’s difficult, but I’m really interested in developing a positive relationship with Katas.

I’m nearly done with Papa Tom’s Buffalo Plaid Blanket. I’m going to ship them next paycheck so they can use them. Poor Papa Tom just lost his dad, like, yesterday. So I want to offer my condolences to him and show my support as best I can.

I started, and finished, a hat for Gwendolyn today in green velvet yarn. It’s a super cute slouchy beanie. I may make them a matching pocket scarf if I can get the remaining yarn to stretch that far.

I’m up to almost 750 days straight on Duolingo. I’m so proud of myself.

Image shows a screenshot saying “741 Day Streak” with a flame behind the number.

I’m mentally doing better than yesterday/Friday. I’m still tired and in pain, but I’m crocheting and trying to figure out chapter four of Crows at the Crossroads. So that’s good.

I’m for bed. Take your meds, folks.

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