Of Grapevine and Glass Skulls

13,245 Days Alive

2 Craft Stores Visited

I’m going to be making wreathes to try and finance my move up north. I got some supplies at both Michael’s and JoAnn’s with J and her mom.

I’ve been crocheting since we got back. Since last night, I’ve gotten a total of ten rows done on Fen’s Round Rainbow Ripple Blanket. I’m rather proud of my progress.

I’m helping J go through art supplies since we’re up late for no good or bad reason. I’ve ended up with a bottle of the Crystal Skull Vodka and a jar of Ole Smokey Tennessee Moonshine. I had a squidge of a sip because I’ve been wanting some since it came out in 2008. Barely enough to fill the tiny Red Solo shot glass that J threw at my head. Heh.

Image is of a tiny red Solo Cup shot glass held by a small hand with long fingernails. A bottle of Crystal Skull Vodka is visible in the background, crocheted work in a rainbow variegated yarn is visible behind the hand.

Mentally, I’m doing well. I’m happy, if in pain.

It’s nearly midnight. I’m going to continue to help clean and crochet. Have a good night.

And take your meds, folks.

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