Of Goals and Goodbyes

13,250 Days Alive

I’m feeling sad tonight. I don’t quite know why. I feel like some things have slipped through my fingers, lately.

Maybe I’m working too much overtime and I’m just burnt out?

I’m so tired. Constantly to the point where I’m back on B Vitamins and minor amounts of caffeine (read that as three cups of coffee or tea) to function.

I’m just so… weary. I’m glad tomorrow is payday. Gladder still that I don’t have work this weekend. I’ll be seeing Megan on Sunday and Katas on Saturday; I’m supposed to have a movie date with Linna on Sunday night. I’m hoping that it pans out.

I’m not more suicidal than usual. I think. I just need a nice, long cuddle.

I’m headed to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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