Of Rain and the Ringling

13,267 Days Alive

2.23 Miles Walked Today

1 Amazing and Awesome Day

Elle Jay, Reffie, and I spent a good thirteen to fourteen hours together today. I am the good kind of sore and exhausted that means I was proper active today.

We stated the morning at a place called “Keke’s”. Some darn good food and even better company. I did not get any eggs, but I did get bacon and a waffle. It was good.

Then we three headed down to Sarasota. I crocheted; working on Papa Ben’s scarf as we drove. Elle Jay is a trip and a half herself. I adore that lady. Both of them, actually, are amazing in their own ways. When we got to Sarasota, our main destination was The Ringling Museum! If you’ve never been, you should go.

It was sort of piddling rain after we got out of one of the exhibition halls, but we didn’t get too damp. Some really heavy squirrels, an act of the gods, or just plain old gravity nearly dropped a literal tree branch on us and a few other bystanders. It was a little freaky, to be honest, but Elle Jay made me laugh by calling it a “Final Destination” moment.

After we wore ourselves halfway down to exhausted, we stopped for a quick cup of coffee, or in my case a Frappuccino, and a little nosh . I picked up some post cards from the gift shop, as always. We left the Ringling and headed back towards the Bay for the St. Petersburg Salvador Dalí Museum! One of my favorites.

The current visiting exhibit is the photographer Lee Miller, of whom I had never before heard. Her photographs were interesting and intense. More than one dead body. I don’t think I’d go back to see that particular artist, even if she worked with Man Ray. But what I learned of her and her life was fascinating.

When we were through it was time to enrich our belly’s as much as our minds. Our destination: the Red Mesa Cafe. I tried mofungo! And I didn’t like it. But at least I tried it. We shared some chips with salsa and quest and an order of plantains as well.

We gabbed a few hours away once we got back to Reffie’s house. Well, gabbed and laughed. I tried using the donut analogy while explaining my asexual nature to Elle Jay, but it straight up did not compute. That’s okay. She still likes me!

Mentally, the brain gremlins are relatively quiet right now. Maybe I’m just too tired to care. Exhaustion-born apathy is likely a Bad Thing, but I’m a little to wiped out to care.

Hopefully tomorrow will be an amazing, productive day at work. I’m supposed to see Cleo tomorrow for a lunch date! I am excited.

I’m falling asleep despite it being 84 degrees in here. I am going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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