Of Gasoline and Giggling

13,268 Days Alive

Today has been a long day. One that I absolutely do not regret, but it is stacked atop a few other long days so I don’t quite believe is barely still Monday.

I got up early. Went into work early. Got not enough done because of computer issues and just plain not feeling well. Not ill, per se; just sore and tired. I ate the last banana to try and avoid muscle cramps from our adventures on Sunday.

I did get to see Cleo for lunch! I got hugs, which was awesome. Lunch didn’t stay down afterward. Not so awesome. But it happens when I get stressed.

After work, I went over to Reffie’s to hang out with Elle Jay and keep her company for the evening. We had a blast and my diaphram hurts from all the laughing.

But I am, as they say, “tre laca” in Esperanto. Le-fuckin’ tired. I’m going to med-and-bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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