Of Dives and Driving

13,309 Days Alive

20 Days Till Christmas

16 Days Till Yule

Well! Today didn’t go to plan at all. That is relatively fixable, as I’m doing laundry now, but I meant to get up early and knock out at least two loads before I went to brunch.

I met up with a new polyamorous friend, hereto referred to a “Greene”. Greene and I tried to go to a dive called Lenny’s today, but there was a line wrapped around the building and parking was impossible!

So, we went to Perkin’s… once Greene actually showed up. Apparently he had car trouble and nearly cancelled on me. Oh well.

After a decent breakfast, and having gone Dutch, we went to Barnes and Noble. I found the book we had been talking about at breakfast about the color blue in history.

Yesterday, I drove down to Fort Myers to see my former stepmother, Mama K, and stepsister, Allie. It was a good visit, but exhausting five hour total drive. Two and a half hours driving each way. Not as much fun all by myself.

Yesterday was also the three year anniversary of Daddy’s death. I am not sure how I feel about it. It’s… difficult. I have Papa Ben and Papa Tom still. And my technical biological father. Though he’s very difficult to get ahold of; I at least try. I miss Daddy. He was a very flawed, kind man.

I also miss the friends I had to let go. It’s a lot of feelings to have all at once.

I also got to see Cleo today! After brunch, I headed over to her place. We hung out and chatted for a few hours, then dragged ourselves off the couch to go to dinner. She took me to a decent Mexican dive that had portions that would put an Italian grandmother to shame.

Anyway, I’m tired and I have to finish laundry before I can go to bed.

I’m going to go watch an episode of Iron Chef: America. And work on my Book of Stars/Shadows.

Take your meds, folks.

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