Of Sorbet and Sunlight

13,453 Days Alive

50th Anniversary Luncheon at Work

1 Sunburned Nose

So. My medications make me more… let’s say “sensitive” to prolonged exposure to our dear shining day orb. Or I’m losing my ability to tan on my face.

Either way, I was stuck sitting outdoors this afternoon for the company anniversary luncheon. The bridge of my nose, and only the gorram bridge of my nose, is sunburnt.

My whole face was pink but we have an aloe plant out front that has, or at least had, a nice large leaf collection. It still does, for the most part. But yeah, after lunch, I looked pink.

The luncheon was nice. I managed to play normal whilst sitting directly beside my boss for two and a half hours. I didn’t rock or drum or anything. It was miserable but I managed.

Mentally, I am absolutely ready for this weekend. I’m so worried about Spock, though. My poor baby has lost interest in all food that isn’t his wet food. It could be many things, but he’s still drooling a bit. I can’t take him to the vet until I get paid, though. So I just have to be careful and ration what wet food I’ve been able to find.

If I had twenty bucks to spare that I hadn’t already poured into my gas tank, I’d buy some more food off Amazon. But hopefully I’ll be able to pick some up come payday.

Other than my toasted nose, I’m exhausted. And I want to have a relaxing weekend.

Here’s hoping my last weekend, for the extended foreseeable future, with my bestie J is a good one.

Take your meds, folks.

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