Of Storms and Steak N Shake

13,461 Days Alive

975 Days Straight on Duolingo

224 Miles Driven So Far

1 Massive Thunderstorm

So, let me point out that I behaved, even though I’m on a road trip, and I did not get a mint Oreo shake with dinner.

Cleo and I are on a little state-line hopping trip to go to her dearly departed dad’s house to deal with the property and everything that it contains.

I crocheted while we were driving, at least while it was still light out. It was a fun drive but a long one after a long day’s work.

I did love on and feed the darling Mr. Spock before we hit the road.

We drove through a torrential downpour after dark. Like, everyone had their hazard lights going. Which you shouldn’t do, but that’s neither here nor there. And it was really hard to see the road, but we made it to Valdosta safely and it has stopped raining.

This has been interesting for a few reasons. I bought Cleo dinner and that was a good idea it turned out. I had a garlic butter burger with pickles and onions.

We’re getting off the road and bunking down for the night at a hotel instead of the Air B&B we planned.

Take your meds, folks.

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