Of Houses and Horses

13,462 Days Alive

1.36 Miles Walked

I met a horse today! She was basically a giant puppy that could kill me faster than a regular puppy could. Heh. Her name is Nala. I completely forgot to get a picture.

Cleo thinks it’s hilarious that I have a slight fear of massive animals that could squash me like a bug if they so chose. I mean, I don’t know if Nala would squish me. She seemed fairly sweet. But I was still slightly unnerved by the interaction with her.

We started shoveling out Cleo’s dad’s place today. Got the UHaul packed up with most of what is needed from the place. We might have to make another trip back up here next weekend, depending on the family thing I have going on next Saturday.

I’m just trying to be supportive partner during this difficult and exhausting time for them.

I did get a special treat today! Cleo took us to Radium Springs Park. It was stunning. The water was pristine and clear. We saw an awesome little turtle just living his best turtle life in a shallow spot.

I really want to read before bed. But I also desperately need a shower and I think that make take up the last of my spoons for the day.

Today was a lot of manual labor and sorting through lots of junk for little treasures. I got some horseshoes! And a beautiful wooden bowl that was made in Egypt.

Anyway, Cleo just got out of the shower so I’m going to hop in before I head to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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