Of Potatoes and Perturbation

13,606 Days Alive

Cat 3 Hurricane Hitting Florida

1 Amazing Soup

So. Hurricane Ian has knocked out the power of most of my Florida friends. Most everyone seems to be doing okay.

Haven’t heard from Grandma in a few hours, but it is way too late to text her. I’ll give her a buzz in the morning before work.

I work ten to six tomorrow and then eleven to seven overmorrow. I love that word. I know it’s a bit archaic as I could just say the day after tomorrow, but why waste a sentence when one fun word is fine?

I made potato soup today. It was pretty good. Not perfect, but okay. I’d get a potato masher before I made it again.

Eleven days till Mellon comes to spend the weekend. We’re going to find out what yarns they like. He’s never been yarn shopping before. I think we’ll go to JoAnne’s as their selection is usually better. And, ya know, I just got fired from Michael’s. Fun times.

But I’m better off, way better off, at C3. Full time; just gotta get some health insurance.

Due to the hurricane, a lot of friends outside of flood zones A and B had to hunker in place. A lot have lost power but are otherwise doing okay. My brother, who loves outside Orlando, is no doubt having a difficult time with his leg so gracefully and completely injured.

Mellon kept me company over voice chat while I made dinner. That was nice. I’m looking forward to having him over, even if it means I have to get up mad early to meet the train at nine a.m. at Millennium Station.

I should go to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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