Of Hurricane Ian and Hope

13,605 Days Alive

1 Big Ass Storm

I really, really hope all my friends, family, and other assorted dear ones do all right through Hurricane Ian.

I called Grandma Gator today to see how she was doing. The handyman helped her secure her place for the storm, so I’m less worried about her now.

Haven’t talked to either cousin or Aunt and Uncle Gator. I’ll give them a text tomorrow to see how they all are.

I was going to make soup today. But life had other plans. After breakfast, laundry, and the hour jaunt out to get my meds, I crashed.

I tried to buy a homeless person lunch today, but they were gone by the time I got out of the store. Makes me sad. I really wanted to help brighten their day with a warm meal on a cold day.

Rent is paid, groceries gotten. And ten more days until Mellon comes over to spend the night/weekend to see if we want to maybe do this whole relationship thingie. I’m still… cautiously optimistic? But also, I don’t normally go for younger men/people. But at least they’re queer and grey-ace like me.

I’m going to go read Reffie’s newest fic chapter and head to bed.

I hope all my Florida/Georgia peeps are safe and sound through the storm.

Take your meds, folks.

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