Of Christmas Trees and Chinatown

13,663 Days Alive

5 Christmas Trees at the Papas’ House

3 Orders of Bao Buns

1 S’mores Rolled Ice Cream

My morning started with tea. A nice cup of Constant Comment, a spiced black tea that the Papas favor.

We had breakfast with the Papas at The Egg Yolk Cafe once I managed to extricate myself from bed.

I got eggs scrambled with Pepper Jack cheese (that didn’t upset my stomach), two slices of bacon, a sausage link, and two half slices of French Toast with sugar free syrup.

I went to buy two large and one small rice pudding, because I love their rice pudding. The lady at the counter, who knew both Papas by name, refused to let me pay for it and gifted them to me.

I worked more of Papa B’s rhinestone jacket, gluing my my fingers together only twice. I was impressed with myself.

After breakfast, we just hung around their house and chatted. Papa B and I watched a terrible, awful, hilarious horro movie called The Barrens. It had that actor from True Blood, the lead male whose name I don’t feel like looking up, in it. He is a good actor with bad taste in scripts. Heh.

Mellon came upstairs and hung with us, too. Papa T laid down for a nap and we all just spent time together. It was really nice.

We took an earlier train back so we could go to so we could to Chinatown for dinner. We ended up going to the apartment first to put up thanksgiving leftovers before hopping the Red Line to Chinatown.

We went to a noodle and bao shop for dinner. Then a tea house for boba milk tea, which made me think of Reffie. And then we hit up my favorite bakery in Chinatown for a bbq pork bun for Mellon and a cream horn for me. We ended our evening getting some s’mores rolled ice cream with an extra marshmallow and some gummy bears.

We headed home, but had to hop off the first train we were on due to being uncomfortable witnessing a drug deal and people smoking cigarettes/weed on the train. It happens, but we just hopped off and caught the next train.

We’ve made it home safely. Had some late night pizza, took our meds, and watched an episode of Binging with Babish.

It’s time for this person to go to bed. Mellon is falling asleep next to me, snoring a bit as he does.

Take your meds, folks.

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