Of Quesadillas and Questions

13,727 Days Alive

We’re playing our Pathfinder 2e (second edition) game tonight. I’m playing my human rogue, Jaylin.

Our other party members are Cat, a human witch with a talking cat familiar; Tak, a goblin necromancer; and Usiel, a elf/dhampyr/vampire. No, I’m not kidding. Yes, he’s technically 150% vampire. It’s a lawful evil campaign, so I’m trying to play a lawful evil rogue but it’s hard because I am used to chaotic good.

We got to meet with a weird priest character tonight to get a new mission.

Spock, if you saw the photo of today’s post, has been trying to “help” me crochet. I’m just working on the border. Right now, it’s just bright red double crochet. I keep trying to do the ribbing border, but it’s not coming out right so I’ve given up and just doing a standard border.

I’m going to go play because we have a whole abandoned bank to investigate before end of game for the night.

Take your meds, folks.

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