Tim Burton, Tea, Tornados, and Typing

Days alive: 12,180

Day of NaNoWriMo: 2

Current word count total: 5,5377

Words left till goal: 44,623

So! We had a few tornadoes touch down in Tampa Bay today. Flickered the power for a minute. Might have killed the cat fountain from the surge. And the weather was wicked beautiful today. And I got gifted tea. And made my word count goal!

Today started out with beautiful weather: gray, blustery, and threatening to pour rain.

It sprinkled here and there for a bit. And then decided to proper storm.

The poor orchid in the back porch took a bit of a soak. You can see how thick the rain was falling. We had a tornado warning, too.

Apparently a few touched down in the general area, but no direct threat here.

The cats were relatively clingy today. Not as much while I was singing along to Nightmare Before Christmas, which I somehow made it all the way through October without watching for the first time in likely a decade.

Then I got a bit of writing done, with Cold Case Files playing in the background. The cats were… relatively helpful…

And then, before the rain started, I got a package! I receive a beautiful gift from my Darling friend Chele.

It was TEA.

Wasn’t that lovely of her?? Spock was most appreciative of the wrapping paper, too.

My little goofball.

I even met my word count goal for NaNoWriMo today! I surpassed 5,000 words so far! Let’s hope I can keep this pace up. It would be nice to actually finish a story for once.

I’m tired, so I believe I am going to bed now.

Today was better and I am glad.

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