Birthday Game Day

Days alive: 12,181

Pizza rolls eaten: 3

Word Count for NaNoWriMo: 6,555

Words Left to Write: 43,445

Average Temp Outside: 71 degrees F/22 degrees Celsius

Gingerbread People Eaten: 2

It’s game day at J and Bill6’s. We’re belatedly celebrating a pair of birthdays with pizza, Deadlands, baked goods, and a whole lot of laughter.

This was a lovely Saturday. It was absolutely beautiful out. Real top-down weather, if I had a rag top convertible. In a perfect world, I’d have this car for summers.

Mmm. Sexy car.

Ahem. Anyway! The temps were down in the upper sixties, low seventies all day. For those in the Celsius parts of the world, it’s about 22 degrees out and a great break from the recent trend of the last few weeks where temperatures hit the mid 90s Fahrenheit/36 Celsius even at night.

The drive on Bayshore was lovely. Everyone was out today, on bikes, rollerblades, or on foot.

We grabbed Chinese food for My Darling Wife, and 5 Star Pizza for everyone else. Added a pitstop to Moreno’s Bakery for some sweets!

They have a massive bank of baked goods. I have a chronic weakness for their gingerbread people. And when I say a huge bank, I mean a huge bank!

Seven full cases of cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies, napoleons, eclairs, flan, babka, marzipan sticks, gingerbread, turnovers, and likely another half dozen or more goodies I have forgotten to note.

They have a sandwich counter and a lunch bar I’ve not photographed just because the place is always jammed to the gills and it would take some flying elbows to get a good photo.

Today, once we got to J and Bill6’s, we started out continuing the episode J wrote and it is rough. I had two wounds so far from our last round of play, and was dangling from robot’s arm, Bill6. Doll was playing her character Ruby again, a lawmaker. And Steph was Violet our witchy.

And I got to use my new dice! Rainbow Dice! It’s the return of Lenox Finley and the Finley Howling Cremation Lacerator and Finley’s Shattering Cable Globe!

And while we were gaming… I was snacking!

Hello and a cheery farewell to you, Gingerbread Person. You and your edible companion have made my day all the better!

I’m doing fairly well in NaNoWriMo. Over the goal word count for the day, but I may check back in after game and try to add a bit more.

Here ya go. Have a crazy hair picture, with Spock.

In mental news, I had to put make up on today. I’m just… not okay. I’m trying to be happy and interact with everyone and be social. But my heart isn’t in it at all. I’m absolutely miserable. I feel ugly and wretched like I have no place being here among lovely people. It took half a dozen photos to get one where I didn’t look like I was a strong exhale away from breaking into tears. My hair looks a mess, but whatever.

I am exhausted and just want to crawl back into bed. It was enough of an effort to get out of bed. Oh well.

I’m here. I’ll keep going for now.

One thought on “Birthday Game Day

  1. First, I’m sorry you are still struggling. I wish there was something I could do to help.
    2nd, your hair color is fabulous! That may be my favorite color on you.
    3rd I’m proud u are pushing back and pressing forward!


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