Feast of St. Valentine’s 2019

12,284 Days Alive

4 Breadsticks Eaten

3 Slices of Pizza

1 Coke Zero

So, I have a special project still in the works. And I got to celebrate the Feast of Saint Valentine’s with the household and a friend.

It was pizza night at Villa Vanyar tonight. My wife and Tinky both got me flowers! So now I have several white roses, some candy stripe rosettes, and some lovely sunflowers!

I get paid tomorrow, which is a very good thing. I’ll be starting my process for my passport next week on my day off. I’m basically doing a reward sandwich: go to PT/OT, take Tink to Southern Hospitality, fight with the Post Office yet again, apply for passport. It will be an eventful day.

Speaking of eventful! Coworker Sara will be a Mrs. by the end of the month! I’m so happy for her and her hubby Mr. Sara. And! Meg has a hatch day this weekend that we are celebrating at J and Bill6’s. It’s going to be a lovely weekend.

Pain meds are finally kicking in. I’m going to go to sleep.

Take your meds, folks.

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