Work-Filled, Wonderful Wednesday

12,239 Days Alive

14 Square Centers Started

4 Dresses Heading My Way

2 Meds Adjusted

1 Doctor Appointment Attended

Today was a mixed bag of amazing and exhausting.

I’m with a friend right now, so this will be quick. Work was fine, though I left early for my psych appointment.

Bit I was gifted a dress, THE dress I wanted for the cruise by a dear old friend. And the. mama K gifted me a gift card that I was able to get three more dresses!

And in accomplishments today, I also attended the my doctor’s appointment, picked up my contacts, got my meds adjusted, and started Kola’s blanket!

So that’s my day.

Tell me about yours in the comments? Any fun plans for the weekend? I’ll be hanging out with Eli and my Darling Wife at Mel’s on Saturday for dinner. I’m super excited!

Take your meds, folks. And expect a selfie tomorrow.

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