Thank Gods It’s Friday

12,241 Days Alive

7,466 Words Written on Camp NaNo Project

7,333 Books to Read

2 Days Off

1 Crochet Project Finished and Another Begun

I am just about ready to fall asleep where I’m at, so this will be a short one.

Finished a hat today, ate some keto-friendly pizza, and made an awesome plan for brunch with a new friend on Sunday.

I’ve had a headache knocking all day and I’m super annoyed about it.

Helena, my car, started running funny on the way home, so I had to side track the plans I had. I’m annoyed about that, too.

But I have made some damn good progress on my Camp NaNoWriMo Project: an outline for a witchy primer.

I have a few people willing to help, too! That’s always lovely.

I need sleep and some more ibuprofen. G’night folks. Take your meds.

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