Off Step Thursday

12,361 Days Alive

7,619 Books to Read

291 Pounds

2 Infected Ears

1 Malfunctioning Brain

There’s a big storm system coming in and it has a migraine knocking at my brain.

It’s miserable. Add to that the hellacious allergies and a double ear infection and the only good thing about today is… I don’t know. I guess it’s that I had dinner? I’d only had a pair of cheese sticks today, so that’s not good.

I went with Orla to see The Curse of La Llorona last night! That was a blast, even if my ass got caught by more jump scares than I care to admit. The poor reviews are likely due to the delightful lack of straight, white, male heroes. It’s a female-heavy and driven cast with a lot of POC. I dig it!

I read a trashy novella last night and, while I made it to the end, mpreg in so-called mainstream media is a little odd for me? I mean, I’m used to coming across it in fanfic, but not in sold on Amazon ebooks. It was poorly edited, weirdly paced, and for a self proclaimed smut fest only had two tepid, predictable sex scenes. And it was pretty dubious on the safe, sane, consensual spectrum for the first “heat trigger” sex. So. That’s the extent of my review for whatever the hell that story was called. Something about Alphas or some such.

I’m tired and hurting like hell. I just want it to rain and not knock out the power.

I’m stumbling towards a dark place mentally again. Trying not to, but I feel like no one wants me around or needs me at all. It could just be that I feel like shit physically and the mental computer is hitting a wavelength or something.

I need sleep. I’m exhausted. And I’m tired of being awake and in pain.

Take your meds, folks. And hydrate.

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