Mixed Bag of a Day

12,530 Days Alive

3 Crying Jags

2 Nat 20s

1 Really Rough Day

I’m having a hard time today. Some may find this understandable. Some may not.

My dad’s 58th birthday is this Sunday. He passed away last December, as I have spoken about. He was a good friend to me, as our relationship was far different from that of the average parental unit and potential offspring. I remember many happy times. He loved thrift shops and used bookstores; Chicago and good food. He had a big laugh and a rare but bigger smile.

He was a nerd, through and through. And I loved him. And now he’s dead. And it isn’t fair.

But I digress.

Today wasn’t all sneaking off to the work bathroom to cry and breaking down because someone was playing fucking Ave Maria first thing in the morning in the work parking garage. Nope. We started a campaign!

Junior, Gracie, and their adorable gal pal Leesa started a campaign with my Darling Wife and myself. I’m a halfling rogue named Camellia.

It was a blast! Junior is a good game master and kept up and was fairly tolerant of our in and out of game shenanigans.

Right now, though, I’m just glad today is over. I’m going to bed.

I’m still sad and it sucks.

Take your meds, folks.

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