A Few Days More

12,564 Days Alive

I’m so excited. In less than a week, I’ll be in Chicago again!

Of course I’ll miss Steph and Tink, but I’m so excited to get to spend Thanksgiving with Papa Ben and Tom.

It might be stressful to fly on the day before Thanksgiving, but I hope to have fun and relax a bit. It’ll be sad to be leaving my job that day, too, but I’ll be okay, I think.

Today has been me trying not to be manic. I’m vacillating greatly between being absolutely exhausted and trying not to climb the walls. It’s mentally exhausting as well to have my energy going through such highs and lows.

All will be well, though. At least I hope it will.

New job starts on the second and I’m so excited about it, though not the lack of insurance that comes with it.

Again, all will be well. I’ll make it so.

For now, though, I’m going to go stretch out. My body is tired even if my mind isn’t.

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