Sunday, Soup, and Snuggly Cats

12,567 Days Alive

3 Days to my Trip

1 Lovely Dinner Date

Today has been productive as hell, thanks to caffeine pills.

While someone literally snores half the day away, with his tongue sticking out at times, I worked on DW’s blanket and got almost five rounds done!

I also helped straighten up a bit, too. Might have overdone it a tad, but at least I got the living room vacuumed up.

My Darling Wife and I went out to dinner to Sweet Tomato’s this evening. I think I ate too much Tabasco in my chili, because my stomach is hurting like a bitch. I better be better by Wednesday!

Only three more days until my trip to Chicago! I’m so excited. I’m nervous, too, because I’ll be flying while fat. It’s always a little nerve wracking.

Mentally, I’ve been in high anxiety mode for a bit but couldn’t quite tell you why. I’m gonna knock out my Duolingo lesson for the night and head to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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