Comfort Food and Crocheting

12,655 Days Alive

2 Tacos Eaten

I’m feeling a little under the weather again. Just the sniffles and a general feeling of exhaustion. I’m so glad I have a doctor’s appointment next week because I can’t keep dealing with this bone deep exhaustion all the time.

I’m back on caffeine pills, after almost two weeks without them. It’s so frustrating, even if they help me focus. It’s not like I can drink coffee, though. Tea helps, to a point. But even then, it feels like symptom management of a much larger problem.

I picked up some Taco Bell for dinner this evening. I was just in need of some comfort food. And then I spent the evening watching some weird British telly show called The Repair Shop whilst I worked on crocheting. Tonight’s project was DW’s blanket.

Work went well. I powered through today despite not feeling well. Things will even out, I hope, here soon.

I’m crawling into bed now. I’m tired.

Take your meds, folks.

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