Hot Wings and a Game

12,657 Days Alive

12 Hot Wings Eaten

1 Awesome Adventure Planned Tomorrow

I’m going on an adventure!

I took sleeping meds and they’re kicking in to the point where I may dose off on my phone if I don’t hurry up. I’m still mentally exhausted, but at least I got a lot done today.

Taxes are officially filed.

Pathfinder was played and we rescued two kobolts, killed a boss by treating it like a literal piñata, and ran the hell away from a gelatinous cube.

Steph made this amazing keto shortbread pie thing that was out of this world! Peanut butter and jelly cookie pie thing. So good.

I managed to get a nice little nap in after game, which was good because I was up awake half of last night. I could barely sit still through game. I’m sure it was annoying but I can’t help it. Even now I’m twitchy.

We went to Glory Days for wings with Nursey; that was nice. I got hot wings, of course. And cake I didn’t need to eat but wanted because my uterus is a bitch.

I’ve got to go to bed though, because I have an adventure with Reffie tomorrow! We’re going to the Salvador Dalí Museum tomorrow, among other things which includes a surprise?

It’ll be interesting.

I’m going to go pass out.

Take your meds, folks!

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