Reffie, Ramen, and a Resounding Adventure

12,658 Days Alive

4,869 Steps Taken

2 Museums Seen

1 Bowl of Ramen Eaten

Today was a most excellent adventure with Reffie! We met up quite early in the morning, just before nine. And then, our amazing adventure out began!

Image heavy post here, just as an FYI.

The bench that reminds me of a really good nap.

It started with breaking fast at the Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg. Pictures aren’t allowed inside the exhibition halls, but I took some outside, in the Garden.

Look at this cheeky fellow!
Part of the Garden and the Wish Tree.
Cheese plate for breakfast!

This is what we went to see:

It was all about the Surrealist movement key players, and touched on some of the discord between members, like Dalí and his mentor André Breton. There was a film, a short, as well, and some prints of old photographs. One of the pieces really struck a chord, but I forgot to jot down the name. It might have been a René Magritte or Hans Arp.

We took a selfie with Dali!

After that, it was lunch with Reffie at the amazing Buya Ramen on Central Avenue.

She surprised me with yet another item off this year’s to-do list: the Chihuly Museum!

And after the Chihuly museum, we saw a glass blowing demo!

But wait! The adventure didn’t end there! I got to meet Ma Reffie today, too! We broke bread together and had honest to gods apple pie for dessert.

It was a delightful day. So now I’m going to go hydrate, take my meds, and go the hell to bed because I am exhausted.

It was an awesome day and just what I needed to boot my ass out of a manic upswing.

I’m for bed. Good night, Wonderlandians.

And don’t forget, take your meds, folks!

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