Sick Day, Rainy Day

12,661 Days Alive

1 Stupid Illness

I have caught a cold! That’s why I’ve been so miserable the last few days.

At least now I have medicine to help with the nausea. It isn’t helping completely, because I’m still nauseated, but I haven’t thrown up in six hours, so that’s something.

Doc said to take tomorrow off too and I absolutely hate that I have to. I feel like I’m failing by being sick. I still can’t seem to get warm.

I hope I don’t get anyone else in the house sick. Steph can’t afford to get unwell. Nor can Tink. I don’t want anyone sick because of me.

I’m so tired. And sore. Like, weirdly sore. I’m going to bed. I’m out of spoons.

Take your meds, folks.

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