Multitasking Monday

12,687 Days Alive

2 Movies Watched

1 New Chat Joined

Today did not go as planned, in the best way possible.

Work went well. I got properly trained on my new duties for work, scanning in the various paperwork we receive. I got to spend the whole day, minus lunch, with Miss A which was nice. She’s such a pleasant person to be around, and funny to boot.

So I wasn’t alone today. And I introduced myself to our regular mail person, Frank, so now we’re on a first name basis and he knows to be patient with me as I’m the only one there.

I’m happy to be helping my coworkers out by Manning the office. It does feel a little overwhelming, but I think, I hope at least, I’ll do well.

I’m still cheesed off at Vickie for cancelling our appointment less than half an hour before it was due to start. Maybe I should find a different counselor after all this has blown over.

COVID-19 hasn’t impacted me directly yet. I’m scared it will. I’ve got a few twitter friends who have been greatly impacted. And Cousin Kay, being a teacher, is feeling the pinch of it as well. I worry for her and all my education employed friends-like Bill6.

Speaking of Bill6, he was feeling poorly the other day. I should check in on him tomorrow, see if he needs anything.

After work today, I was struck by the boredom bug and turned to Amazon Prime Video to pass the time. I watched Clue and then Cabin in the Woods. Both comedies, if you tilt your head and squint the right way. Tomorrow I think I’ll start watching Lucifer whilst I try to finish DW’s damnedable blanket. Ten rows left and I’m ready to just throw it at his head when it’s done.

It was my first night joining the writers chat on Skype. It was pretty chill! I got to share some fanfic and found out about a new author to read.

For now, I’m going to appease the Owl Overlord on DuoLingo and head to bed.

Take your meds, folks!

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