Just another Manic Monday

12,694 Days Alive

8 Rows Left in DW’s Blanket

2 Clingy Kitties

1 New/Old Friend Found

Actually, I’m not that manic. Or at least I don’t think I am. But I was hella busy at work today. I didn’t get everything finished, but I got all the important stuff done, so that’s what matters.

I really love my job but man do I miss my coworkers. Miss A was in, briefly, today. More computer troubles. But they might be fixed.

Outside of work, I’ve made a lot of progress on DW’s blanket. I didn’t realize I’d started it in May 2019. Eight more rows, plus the border, left.

May 2019, it began!

And then today, it measured just over sixty inches wide.

It’s a lot of work, and I really hope he likes it when it’s done.

I found an old fandom friend on Facebook today, chatting about Sherlock and fanfic. IWantThatCoat and I reconnected and I already follow them on Twitter.

Anyway, I’m tired and reading a fanfic that I want to finish before bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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