Stayed Mostly Home Sunday

12,693 Days Alive

$50 Spent in Groceries

13 Drops of Rose Oil in My Hair

9 Rows STILL to Go on DW’s Blanket

2 Rows Done on the Cloud Blanket

1 Chapter Read (The Rules of Magic)

Today was a day that seemed to stretch forever in a near-negative way. Got up at 6:20 for cat feeding purposes and went back to bed because I slept terribly last night. Nightmares and frequent waking abounded.

I remember one of the nightmares was about writing and getting things organized. But it was weird.

I finally rolled out of bed around nine a.m. and went to the living room. Did a little straightening up and put some of my craft crap away. Working on DW’s Blanket is slow going because of its size. I’m still on round one of the final nine rounds. May actually be ten rounds because I have to do a final border in black, I think. I really hope he likes it. Otherwise I might cry.

I took an on purpose nap today. Knocked out for a little while on the couch. Was bad about remembering to eat till nearly noon, but that’s why I have meal shakes. I picked up more keto pizza makings as well. And that’s what I had for dinner tonight.

I wanted to paint my nails, but going to the store took a lot out of me. And I was low on spoons before I did the dishes and did a store run. So maybe tomorrow.

Tonight, I’m going to go read more of Alice Hoffman’s Rules of Magic. I’m trying not to devour books as much but take them slower. And since we’re under a stay at home order, no time like the present.

I’m going to go read and pray I get a brownie fix tomorrow.

Take your meds, folks.

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