Crochet and Campy Ghost Shows

12,703 Days Alive

8,277 Words Written So Far for #Camp NaNoWriMo

7 Jalapeño Poppers Eaten

6-ish Rows Left on DW’s Blanket

So I’m having a nice, chill evening in tonight. I needed a laugh so I watched Coco, but that just made me sad. So now I’m watching Ghost Adventures.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in ghosts. Hell, I’ve seen one, decades ago. My mom can backup that one, as she was with me when it happened.

But this show is just goofy and over the top. “We’re not trying to provoke you” they say, before they go around asking questions and ratting spirit boxes are them. Jeez. I’d like to go on a real ghost hunt someday. But that is something I can do later, not now.

I ate dinner, took my meds, have a headache from Monday, still.

Kinda feeling like a massive failure, but not quite sure why. Like, I’m just not doing okay. I’m trying, but I don’t know. I’m struggling at work, a little bit, and I kind of just hope it’s my brain chemistry adjusting to the new medication.

On the lighter side of things, Peanut is trying so hard to help me crochet this evening.

I’m off to crochet. I only have six rows and the border left on DW’s blanket!

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