Smart Saturday

12,748 Days Alive

$80.00 Spent on My Car

3 Disney Movies Watched

1 Awesome, Long Game of Smart Ass Played

So! In good news, my car isn’t dead yet. The bad news is the yet. She’s 16 years old, so I’m not too shocked.

She’s burning through oil pretty damn quickly. I’m instructed to check it every week. It’s going to be expensive to get a new car.

I’m so nervous about the uncertainty of the upcoming months. Having this looming over me is going to damage my calm. I’ll manage, I’m sure. But I’m going to fret and whine about it a bit first.

I watched the second Maleficent movie today. It was absolutely lovely and a great follow up to the first one. And then, keeping with the faerie tale theme, I watched Enchanted and then The Princess and the Frog. It was a nice decompression from the stress of this morning.

I had to go pick up spare oil to keep in the trunk, masked up, and picked up Little Shop of Horrors for only five bucks!

It’s after ten and I’m tired. I’m gonna go to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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