Muddled Monday

12,827 Days Alive

19 Days Till The Move

The countdown begins, I guess. My friend Joe gave me a bunch of boxes today. It was almost an hour’s drive after work, but I saved money in the end.

Spock is having the time of his life with all the boxes. He’s King of the Castle atop a pile at the moment.

I’m trying to keep my stuff contained and out of the way whilst I pack but I may have to move boxes into my car or something? We don’t get the keys till Thursday afternoon, so I don’t want stuff in my car weighing it down for that long.

Moving is hell on gas mileage. Especially with all the books I have. I may be down to about half a dozen boxes of book, though. Up in art supplies since the move back from Texas.

I meant to crochet tonight but instead packed two boxes of books and miscellaneous items. Like my juggling balls and meditation rug I made back when I was living with Chelly back in 2014 or so.

Speaking of the discordant passage of time: I miss Daddy a lot right now. I keep wanting to reach out to talk to him and then my memory catches up with the rest of my brain and I get sad. This whole upheaval of the divorce has really made me stumble a bit. And it sucks that he’s not around and short of a god damned Ouija Board or something such, I’m not going to speak to him again. And that’s just not fair.

Booga, the guy who actually sired me, has the communicative tendencies the Gods didn’t grant a block of cheese. I messaged him back in June and he still hasn’t gotten back to me. June!! At least I have Papa. He’s been super supportive and a great source for when I need a sounding board for things.

Mal is going to come in the last Sunday of the month and help us move stuff. I just have to buy him lunch and pay for gas, which might be a little expensive but it’ll be cheaper than renting a UHaul or something like that.

Today was bananas at work. Miss A was out for personal reasons and her e-mail was forwarded to me. I felt like I was drowning but it was fun to generate requests. Tomorrow will be better. At least I had pizza for dinner this evening, with enough left over to have some for breakfast tomorrow.

I’m gonna miss living with Steph and Tink. Hopefully I will be able to have them over once we get settled and such. Maybe once I move out Steph and I can repair our friendship. I miss the jive we used to have.

Anyway, I’m exhausted and my hips hurt. I’m going to bed. After I appease the Duolingo owl, of course. I’m almost at 350 days in a row.

Take your meds, folks.

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