Of Debris and Doubt

12,921 Days Alive

11,000 Words Written on My NaNovel

1 Amazing Heated Blanket

I have been up since six a.m. That means I’m going on sixteen hours awake and while that doesn’t seem like a lot, I’m run down.

Tropical Storm Eta knocked out the power at work so I had to go in early to turn the office back on. Other than some lost food from the nearly-empty fridge, no real losses.

Damn am I glad tomorrow is Friday. I have laundry to do and words to write.

So. Speaking of words… I did a NaNoWriMo No-No today: I deleted almost a thousand words. I wrote them back, better, but I shouldn’t have knocked myself down like that. Especially since I’m 9,000 words behind my goal. I doubt I’ll catch up tomorrow, but maybe over the weekend.

I’ll catch up. I’ve had 10k days. Maybe I can find a socially distant place to get some writing done.

My heated blanket from Chelé came in today. It’s fucking magical. Spock seems to like it, too. I laid under it for a few minutes with a blanket on top and my sore muscles relaxed. It was glorious.

I want Denny’s nachos. Or Taco Bell. Or homemade nachos. With extra jalapeños. I dunno why. Maybe I’ll make a trip out to Denny’s this weekend?

I’m going to go snuggle into my nice little warm cocoon. Take your meds, folks.

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