Of Goals and Groceries

12,922 Days Alive

11,000+ Words on My NaNovel

443 Day Streak on Duolingo

2 Slices of Pizza

1 Tired Me

So, it was pizza and a movie night at our place. Frozen pepperoni pizza and the first disk of The Fellowship of the Ring. I forgot how much I love the LotR movies; it’s been a hot minute since I saw them last.

This week was stressful and exhausting. I’m now more than 10k behind in NaNoWriMo with hopes of catching up this weekend.

I went grocery shopping and managed to stay well under budget despite a few impulse purchases. Looking at you, s’mores ingredients. But I masked up and decontaminated afterwards. And I really did need to go shopping. Why?

I’m making dinner tomorrow! In the slow cooker Sparrow gifted me. I’ll be making my Beef and Sweet Potato Chili with veggie crumbles rather than beef. I’m super excited.

I’m still working on Baby Bubble’s blanket right now. After it’s done, I’m going to hop back on Little Bee’s blanket so Incan hopefully have them done by Yule.

Anyway, I’m exhausted to bits. I’m headed to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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