Of Decades and Dedication

12,969 Days Alive

I’ve amended my goals for 2021, well, added to them, technically. But now it’s twenty one personal goals!

Here’s the list:

My Creative Plans for 2021:

  • January: write a cozy short story, work on at least one fanfic, and make sure I have all my recipes chosen for the year
  • February: scene writing and short-short stories for Flash Fiction February, working more on the cozy short story, either more writing or editing what I have thus far, and working on more fanfics.
  • March: work more on daily writing, specifically short stories.
  • April: all about editing what I have written thus far. That’s it. Just editing.
  • May: a return to writing poetry, something I haven’t done in quite a while, and jumping back in to working on Moral Fable, my high fantasy novel.
  • June: my birthday month isn’t too ambitious. Just more short story and fanfic work, and jumping back into my urban fantasy novel Midnight Calls.
  • July: Midnight Calls work continues if I have a good rhythm on it, more short story work, and working on the long fanfic I have in progress currently in 2020.
  • August: editing again, as it is an every four months focus, some more poetry, and fanfic. I’m hoping by working on it regularly, I can have a bi-weekly update schedule of the long fanfic.
  • September: Harry Potter fanfic in particular as well as more poetry. I am always inspired by autumn and while Florida hasn’t much of a season change, I might try be taking a trip with Reffie in October that will let me see some real leaf change. 
  • October: because it is also the month I’ll be per-making my holiday cards, October is going to mostly be about preparing for NaNoWriMo and changing any outdated info about mental health resources on PostmarkWonderland’s resources page. Also finally write that piece on Spoon Theory and the realities of living with fibromyalgia.
  • November: participate in NaNoWriMo working on either Midnight Calls, MoralFable, or a new story. Also, mailing out Christmas, Hanukkah, and Thanksgiving cards, obviously not in that order, to anyone who wants one.
  • December: more rounds of editing, poetry, and fanfic to wrap up the year.

My personal goals for 2021 are just as ambitious, I think. It’s a lot of things, but they’re “small” victories to be accomplished, not a large-scale war to be waged against myself.

My Personal Goals for 2021:

  • I want to budget well over the months to build up savings and funds in general.
  • Lose 25 pounds over the year, about two pounds a month. This is a healthy and realistic goal I really think I can achieve.
  • Self partner for the year. Self partnering is a choice I am making because I really was torn up over the divorce and I need to give myself time to heal and to better myself before I try and jump into another relationship.
  • Finish the following crochet projects: Little Bee’s baby blanket, Chelé’s cloud blanket, my velvet shawl, Allie’s hat, Grandma Gator’s lap blanket, and my scrapghan. These could have gone in creative goals, but I have no set timeline for them so I will just work on them as I can.
  • Go to at least three Crafty Women Zoom meetings. And if it is safe to do so, attend an in-person one if they host one.
  • Rewatch Supernatural from season one to season three. Not the whole series, because that is way too much time in front of the television, but at least the first three seasons.
  • Go on the trip to Rhode Island in October with Reffie. If not that, then go up to Georgia to see Linna. Perhaps both if things work out well.
  • Go to the eye doctor and get an updated prescription for my glasses.
  • Get more new glasses with said new prescription. Perhaps contacts? But I barely wear them now so I don’t know if that’s a good idea.
  • Read fifty two books. It’s a book a week and a more realistic goal than I have been foisting on myself. A separate post will detail what books I’ll be reading.
  • Review at least twenty five books. This is a little less than half of the books I hope to read and, again, I feel it is a realistic goal.
  • Go to the Florida Aquarium.
  • Go to the Lowry Park Zoo.
  • Get all clothing and miscellaneous donations to Goodwill instead of just sitting in the corner of the dining room.
  • Get my holiday cards put on time.
  • Write to people more often. At least one letter a month should go out.
  • Buy a dining room table with Fen.
  • Try at least six new recipes.
  • Hang out with my cousins at least once, safely.
  • Take Fen to the Melting Pot for no reason other than we can.
  • Get to 500 days straight on Duolingo

What are your goals for the new year? What are you going to strive for?

Take your meds, folks!

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