Of Endings and Endearments

12,968 Days Alive

1 Day Left in 2020

I received the cutest Christmas gift from my stepsister Allie today. She sent me a Jack Skellington plushie and a drawing of the TARDIS with the “madman with a box” quote on it. I love them.

I haven’t seen them in probably five years, but Allie, my stepsister, and Keri, my former stepmother, have always been supportive. Hopefully, in the coming year I will be able to go see them down in Cape Coral.

I’m absolutely running on empty today. I’m grateful I have plans for New Year’s Eve though. I’ll be going to have a meal with my darling Reffie.

For now, though, this chickadee needs sleep like hell. So, catch you tomorrow, party people.

And take your meds, folks.

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