The -ish and Analog Reading Challenges : 2021

12,983 Days Alive

64 Books to Read (52+12)

3 Episodes of River Monsters Watched

2 Reading Challenges

1 Double Dose of Caffeine Pills

I often make the joke that I am more “ish” than I am Jewish. It’s literally true, at least according to’s results.

Anyway, how does that relate to a reading challenge? I’ll explain: one of my goals for 2021 is to read fifty two books this year. That breaks down to one a week…ish. I have a tendency to read in fits. So, it’s the -ish Challenge. A book a week-ish.

Now, I’ll admit it’s not just fifty two books I want to read this year. I also want to read 12 actual, tattooed dead tree/paper/analog books. That’s where the Analog Book Challenge (tagged as #The ABC2021 when on Twitter or Tumblr) comes in. It is one paperback or hardback book a month that gets reviewed.

J and Bill6 kicked me off on #TheABC by lending me a copy of Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal. So that will be January’s goal: to read Lamb.

I’ve already read two books so far this year, but I’m still a little behind from where I wanted to be by the half-month mark. I can always start a book today and try to finish it this weekend? But I really want to write the review for The Mermaid’s Daughter before I poured anything new in.

Maybe I’ll draft the major points up and then pick something to read?

To switch gears now, today was…a bit better? I mean, it still sucked a lot and I didn’t get caught up, but I did my best and that’s the best I can do. Tomorrow will be better. I’ll keep saying it until it is true. I love my teammates. I love what I do. I just wish I did it better.

Tomorrow, and all it’s trials and successes will come soon enough.

I’m off to tap out a review.

Take your meds, folks!

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