Of Practical Magic and Productivity

13,050 Days Alive

3 Pages Done

I picked up my meds after work. I was going to make dinner, but Fen had an evening engagement so I picked up some tacos and headed home.

I’ve had a yen to get my Book of Shadows/Book of Stars/Grimoire all together for a few years now. But I started actively working towards it a few days ago in a blank, hard bound sketchbook. The results are only three pages in, but I think everything looks nice so far.

I didn’t do any crocheting tonight. Only drawing. Oh well. I also watched Practical Magic again. I have such a love for that movie. I even bought the soundtrack to listen to in the car.

Anyway, it’s late. I’m doing better mentally, sort of, and am still holding tight to that echo of happiness from Sunday with Reffie to bolster me when I start to dip.

I should try to get some chores done tomorrow. Shower, laundry, and the like since I won’t be home this weekend.

I’m for bed. Take your meds, folks.

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