Of Burgers and Burnout

13,068 Days Alive

Fen made these delicious bacon-topped burgers for us tonight. They were delicious with a small salad and some sweet potato fries.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. This week has fried me; between work stress, writing, lack of sleep, and the general COVID-climate, I’m toast.

I’m in a perpetual state of exhaustion. I was given a medicine to help me sleep, but it doesn’t do jackshit but keep me up most of the night. So my meds doc, Peter, doubled the dosage. Apparently my whole three hours of sleep and then being awake for the rest of the night is out of the ordinary.

I’m just special, I guess. Maybe it’s like my reaction to Benadryl or NyQuil? I’m just awake instead of asleep?

I’ve got a snuggly Spockers here, so I’m going to turn on some meditation music, clutch a rock, and ground and center before bed. I was having trouble staying in my body earlier today. Not literally, I guess, I just mean like disassociated feeling.

Anyway. Cat snuggles and the Land of Nod call.

Take your meds, folks.

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