Of Andouille and An Almost-Accident

13,070 Days Alive

4 Cookies Left

2 Bowls of Soup Eaten

1 New Necklace Made

So, while J and I were driving towards picking up pizza for Bill6, since he doesn’t do fifteen bean soup, we almost got into an accident as some pair of shmucks cut me off and nearly knocked my front bumper off in a near-miss sideswipe.

It sucked, but I’m glad we’re both okay and so is Peggy (my car).

So I made fifteen bean soup, the Cajun variant, with both andouille sausage and beef kielbasa for J and I.

While that was cooking, we broke out the paints and experimented. I painted a stalk of lavender with some regular and metallic gouache paints.

Image is of a small green plant with purple flowers on it; it is supposed to be representing English lavender.

I made a super simple necklace this evening. Just a two layer choker with black and silver beads.

It’s after eleven. I should go to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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