Of Employment and Excitement

13,092 Days Alive

11 Hours Till I Start My New Job

1 Long Drive

I hate the long drive from Bill6’s and J’s house at night so I slept over at their place last night. We played Dinosaur Island and, of course, I lost. But I had fun playing!

I got to sleep in this morning, which was nice. Got some crocheting done on Papa Ben’s blanket. It’s two tones of sage and a taupe that I’m working in the same Round Ripple as Fireside and DW’s Blanket.

I’m so excited about the new job tomorrow. I hope it’s a good day tomorrow and that I don’t forget my lunch.

I’m going to go snuggle with Spock and crochet a bit before bed. I hope everyone has a lovely day tomorrow!

Take your meds, folks!

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