Of First Days and Flowers

13,093 Days Alive

1 Massive Bouquet of Flowers

Today was a lovely day. My Papa Ben, Pop Tom, and of course their pups Max and Bear, sent me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. It was bigger than my head and absolutely lovely. I nearly cried.

It was a good day, happy flower-prompted tears and all. It was my first day back at the high rise and, at first, I parked on the wrong floor because I couldn’t remember which floor I was supposed to park on. But I moved my car after I finished the initial training modules so Peggy didn’t get towed or anything.

Ms. Joli was wonderful and so helpful with all the technical difficulties I was having with our clock-on system. And Attorney Bee, who I’m working directly under, was so nice. There’s a lot of work to catch up on, and things that need to be dusted off and seen to quite fast, so I’m hoping I get some more training on things like how to generate subpoenas and trial binders and the like.

I really hope to be an asset to Att. Bee’s team. I really want to shine at my new job.

And Papa and Pop sent me flowers!! It’s so cool.

Image is of a massive bouquet of yellow lilies, pink, yellow, and purple snapdragons, red roses, geraniums in off white, and assorted greenery in a large glass vase.

Fen bought us dinner tonight! Otsuka Ramen House and it was delicious! I got the Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen with an extra soft boiled egg. Since I’m not a fan of nori sheets, I gave mine to Fen who loves nori.

Here’s a picture of my ramen with some of the diced tomato and cilantro from Fen’s bowl:

Image is of a bowl of ramen with spicy pepper strips, bamboo shoots, two soft boiled egg halves, diced tomatoes, chopped cilantro, ramen noodles, bean sprouts, and beef slices in a spicy, orange broth.

Mentally, I’m tired but wired. I’m so jazzed about going to work tomorrow. I’m anxious about not getting things right or more accurately doing something wrong. I don’t want to mess up.

Physically, I’m okay. I need to get better about eating breakfast before I go into the office. And about bringing lunch with me as well.

It’s nearly ten, so I’m for bed as soon as I appease the Duolingo owl.

Take your meds, folks!

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