Of Grits and Gardens

14,012 Days Alive

6,347 Steps Taken (2.1 Miles)

148 Points Earned in Lords of Waterdeep

Reffie and I had an amazing day! We started off with breakfast at Joshua’s Kitchen, a restaurant about half an hour away from Reffie’s place that DW owns.

I had cheese grits for the first time. I did not care for them but would be willing to try another recipe of them. Maybe with some more protein in it?

After breakfast we went to the stunning Bok Tower Gardens. I will absolutely be going again. We walked over two miles around the whole Sanctuary. I took loads of pictures, too, but I’ve got a few favorites I posted on social media.

Image is of blue, pink, and purple hydrangeas growing from what seams only one or two actual plants with multiple colors on each bush. There are trees in the background and grass and mulch in the foreground.

The Tower itself is a marvel of pink marble and coquina stone.

Image is of a tall marble structure, called Bok Tower or the Singing Tower, against a blue, cloud-speckled sky.

And despite the almost four hours we were out and about there, I didn’t get sunburnt atop my freshly shaved head. Hooray for SPF 100!

After a bite to eat at the Blue Palmetto Cafe on the Sanctuary grounds, we hit up the gift shop for my ever-growing postcard collection. I found several to send out and one of two for my collection.

We ended our day at Revolution Ice Cream. I got “mint you want some cookies” in a sundae with hot fudge and Oreo cookie crumbles. Reffie got some of their awesome blueberry ice cream.

Went our separate ways after that. I took a different route home and wasn’t fond of it. But now I know an alternative route home from her place.

I ran through the shower to get the sweat/sunblock off and then booted up my laptop for a quick game session with Bill6 and J. We played a turned based resource questing card game called Lords of Waterdeep. I lost by a good margin, as always, but had fun nonetheless.

Now that I’ve appeased the Duolingo owl, I’m for bed. My body is loud but that what meds are for.

Speaking of: take your meds, folks!

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