Of Sour and Spa Night

14,011 Days Alive

So, I’ve fallen in love with ginger beer and lime. It’s not an alcoholic beer, but it’s fabulous with a bit of lime juice. It’s sour and lovely.

After the weekly call to Grandma Gator, and a quick returned call from my brother Mal, I did some very necessary grocery shopping after work today. I bought stuff for dinners next week, like frozen meatballs and jars of pasta sauce, butter chicken sauce and premade tikka masala sauce.

We had Wendy’s for dinner, or tried to at least. They royally borked our order up, so poor Fen ended up with chicken nuggets and a baked potato instead of the burger they ordered.

And then we had a spa night while watching the Netflix series Salt Fat Acid Heat. I’ve gotten the cookbook for Fen for their birthday! Shhh!

After a great week at work, I caved to the sirens call of the hair clippers and buzzed my head. After, of course, checking with my boss to make sure it would be okay to do so.

I’m heading to bed soon, as I have a fun filled day set up with Reffie tomorrow.

Take your meds, folks!

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