Of Goals and Good N Plenty

14,010 Days Alive

2 Days Without Good Sleep

3 Caffeine Pills Taken

1 Bag of Good N Plenty

Did you know that I have a love of black licorice? Not many people like black licorice, for some reason. But I do. I also like absinthe for the licorice like taste. And the sugar cube. Heh. Anyway! That non-sequitur brought to you be the idea of “chill pills”!

Let me explain further: I get upset when people don’t respect the few boundaries I enact on my life. Like not talking about sexual assault around me. Or allowing me space when asked. Or respecting my physical boundaries when I say not to touch me. Simple, little things that so many people have trod upon in the past.

When I get emotionally upset, or triggered, it can often have a cyclical effect on my life in that I sleep poorly because I’m anxious. When I sleep poorly, my pain levels get worse. Which means I sleep even worse and it becomes this whole Thing.

So I’m plugging along at work and doing my best to get through the day on two hours of sleep, with help from good old caffeine pills.

But I took too many today, only one too many, but still too many. So now I’m having to take my anti-anxiety meds to try and chill the fuck out. But they taste awful. So I chase it with a half serving of Good and Plenty to get rid of the taste.

Licorice is like Sally’s Frog Breath in The Nightmare Before Christmas in that it’s slightly bitter but will cover almost anything else that I have to suffer through taste-wise.

I’m nearly done with Papa Ben’s blanket. I’ve got maybe six or seven more rounds to go before I do a border. I don’t know what I’m going to do with all the extra yarn. Maybe I’ll make hats for the winter?

The school thing is still stressful, but it’s a developing thing I’ll keep mentioning as things, well, develop!

Anyway, in other news, I’m going to go meditate with the intention of going the hell to sleep pretty soon.

Take your meds, folks.

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